While our philosophy towards business - entrepreneurial and self-defined - is definitely "New World," our wines typically have an "Old World" style - more subtle than many "over the top" wines found in California and elsewhere outside of Europe. To us, the best wines have lower alcohol and are meant to be enjoyed with meals.
Cherry Blossoms

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The Zen Merlot Collection

Zen Merlot
Zen Merlot Collection  

Our newly released Zen Merlot is a great reminder of the 5 aspects of mindful living - dream, energy, focus, perseverance and positive thinking. Together, these five bottles of Merlot are here to help you enjoy every meditative sip.

Sold Out - Wine Club Only

The Zen Merlot

Zen Merlot
Zen Merlot  

NEW! Best of Class Medal awarded to the 2011 Zen Merlot. These special bottles can be purchased either individually or as a collection.

Sold Out - Wine Club Only

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